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15 July 2015

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Ecological Environment Improved in Shuangpai County

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The photo, taken on September 13, shows a fishery administration ship patrolling the Xiaoshui River in Riyue Lake National Wetland Park in Shuangpai County, and flocks of egrets staying on the branches in the distance. In recent years, the county government has cracked down on illegal fishing and illegal sand mining; carried out river inspections, river treatment and water ecological restoration; shut down all polluting enterprises; and, built negative oxygen ion monitoring stations, water quality testing stations, and environmental monitoring stations. Surface water quality is graded ClassⅠall year round. The number of annual good air quality days in the county reaches more than 300. Shuangpai County’s favorable ecological environment creates inhabitation conditions for birds. (Photo/He Hongfu, Pan Fang)

This article is from Hunan Provincial Government

Translator: Xiao Juan

Chinese source: hunantoday