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The 2021 Damshung Cordyceps Festival kicked off

2021-11-30 08:59:00China Tibet Online

“I see, this is a cordyceps!” “I dug it, I dug it!” The joyful voices echoed halfway through the mountain. It's a scene during the 2021 Damshung Cordyceps Festival.

Under the leadership of herder guides, tourists experienced digging for cordyceps on Cordyceps Mountain in Wumatang Township, Damshung County in Lhasa.

In Tibetan, Damshung means “selected pasture”. Cordyceps are abundant at the foot of Mulan Snow Mountain here, which is also a blessing given to the common people by the goddess.

Every year in mid-to-late May, when the pastures return to green, cordyceps appear on the mountain, and the local Tibetan people put on festive costumes, gather to pray, share the blessings of the goddess, and hold the annual Cordyceps Cultural Festival to welcome the cordyceps harvesting season. It has also become a fixture of the local herdsmen’s poverty alleviation and prosperity, and a new means of rural revitalization.




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